Calling all Year 6 Learners


Maths Mind Reading

Channel your inner David Blaine, Paul Daniels or even Mr Tumble and wow your friends and family! Have a go at this Maths magic trick!

Maths Magic - Think of a number

Design & Technology

Here is a short video from our Head of Art and DT, Miss Milne showing you how you can use everyday items in your house as stamps. Have a go at creating some patterns or pictures and send them in to us with your name and primary school and we'll upload them to our website.

If you're a current pupil at YBE, feel free to have a go too – we'd love to see your artistic skills at work!

Ysgol Bryn Elian Individual Resource Base

The Individual Support Base, ISB, is a small department at Ysgol Bryn Elian specialising in the education of students with complex learning needs. It offers individual programmes of study in English and Mathematics along with lessons to promote Social Skills. Students are supported in mainstream classes to aid their understanding. Students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life.