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The Promotion of Enquiry and Research as a Strategic Priority

blogEntryTopperClose to practice, educational research is a strategic priority. In 2017/18, all departments were asked to designate a research lead in charge of carrying out a research project. Eleven enquiries were carried out and a research portfolio was produced in July 2018. Findings were shared with colleagues during a poster session organised by Emma Bishop in September 2018.

Anna McCormack-Colbert, Senior Research Associate, presented her doctoral research findings at the International British Dyslexia Association in Telford in April 2018. She has also presented her most recent school based research findings in South Wales at the WISERD conference in July 2018. Her work aims at developing writing skills of learners with specific literacy difficulties through the explicit teaching of grammar in context and was published in a peer reviewed academic research journal this year.

Ysgol Bryn Elian’s research projects were also discussed at a BERA Symposium in Portsmouth University in October 2018 (see picture below).

As a school, we want to ensure we are reflective practitioners and use our research projects to improve our teaching approaches so that our learners can reach their potential.

British Educational Research Association Symposium, University of Portsmouth, November 2018