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GCSE Results 2019

blogEntryTopperYsgol Bryn Elian is once again celebrating a successful set of GCSE results, adding to the great success of last week’s ‘A’ level results. The results are a testament to the hard work put in by the learners of year 11 in a wide curriculum choice.

Students not only scored well in well-established subject areas but also in the new Skills Challenge Certificate, a qualification which is rigorous and different to traditional GCSE’s demanding at times a different skill-set. All students are also leaving Year 11 with at least 5 GCSE’s bringing to reality the school’s motto of ‘Achievement for All’ Read More…

A Level Results 2019

blogEntryTopperOnce again, we are delighted by the outstanding results achieved by our dedicated and hard working sixth form learners with 2019 giving us yet another excellent crop of Post 16 performance results. All students gained qualifications with many of pupils gaining A*/A or equivalent in many subject areas. Exceptional results were also achieved in the demanding and academically challenging Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate. Read More…